Did you know that Chicago O’Hare International Airport operates more flights than any other airport in the entire world? Why, in just July of 2015, 79,679 take-offs and landings were recorded at Chicago O’Hare. In 2014 as a whole, Chicago O’Hare saw 881,933 total movements. These statistics can be observed on the Air Traffic Data website. While Atlanta trumps Chicago when it comes to volume of passengers, due to their large number of international flights, Chicago O’Hare is certainly the busiest airport on earth, with a record number of regional and international flights taking place each day.

In terms of square footage, O’Hare is far from the largest airport. This busy airport is outranked in size by several other locations, including: King Fahd International Airport (KFIA), Montréal-Mirabel International Airport (YMX), Denver International Airport (DIA), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), and Charles de Gaulle Paris (CDG). So with more operated flights than any other airport and less space than many, it is fair to say that Chicago O’Hare is about as busy as it gets.

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