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We understand that making necessary funeral limousine arrangements while dealing with the loss of a loved one is extremely hard. All the preparations and coordination can be overwhelming when grief strikes.

Our drivers at Affordable Limo Inc. are ready to help you during that difficult time and supply all necessary transportation needs.

We always guarantee safe and reliable service for you, your family members, and friends, no matter how small or big the funeral ceremony will be. With a variety of vehicles in our limousine fleet, personalizing funeral service to meet your requirements is easy.

Please let us know how can we help to ease the pain. You can always depend on Affordable Limo Inc. funeral service, will be waiting for you ahead of time.

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At Affordable Limo Inc. we pride ourselves on professional service always delivered on time. Despite any unpredictable situations we have no control over such as heavy rain or snow storms, we are always extremely cautious in delivering the safest limousine transportation service to our clients.

However, if you are aware of / expecting harsh weather conditions may affect your schedule, which would result in our limousine service arrangement changes, please contact us immediately at:  (847) 334 – 1224

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