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Point to Point Limousine Service by Affordable Limo Inc. post imagePoint to point limousine service from Affordable Limo Inc. will transport you safely and punctually between any two addresses. You’ll relax in our luxurious limousines while we do the driving.

The name of this particular service simply means that there are no in-between stops, just a single pick-up and drop-off address. We offer point to point service five days a week, from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday reserved exclusively for hourly service.

Although similar to hourly limo service, our point to point limousine has a 15 minutes waiting grace period so you may want to consider hourly service if you’re expecting delays during the pickup.

In most cases one of our luxury sedans will be used for point to point limousine service, however, we can also accommodate more than three people in stretch limos.

Keep in mind that our point to point services are available not only in Illinois but in Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin as well.

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At Affordable Limo Inc. we pride ourselves on professional service always delivered on time. Despite any unpredictable situations we have no control over such as heavy rain or snow storms, we are always extremely cautious in delivering the safest limousine transportation service to our clients.

However, if you are aware of / expecting harsh weather conditions may affect your schedule, which would result in our limousine service arrangement changes, please contact us immediately at:  (847) 334 – 1224

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